Web Design Certification

Earning certification allows students that are enrolled in an approved course of study in web development/design to show potential employers they possess the knowledge and experience necessary to be successful as an entry level website designer thus greatly improving their employment potential. WD Certified allows web design instructors and teachers the means to provide their students with the opportunity to earn certification upon completion their program of study.

The certification exam does not endorse, nor test knowledge on any 3rd party commercial products. Students are tested on design concepts in the following domains: Basic Internet History & Computer Knowledge (10%), Web Graphics Concepts (10%), HTML5 & CSS3 (50%), JavaScript & PHP/MySQL (25%), and Website Administration (5%).

The WD Certification exam may only be administered to students within an accredited K-12 or post secondary educational institution upon completion of an approved program of study in web site design. The program of study should, in addition to any state requirements, include hands-on development projects and/or real-world design experience as part of the required curriculum.

  • Students

    Once you receive your Class Code from your instructor, you should log in here to take your exam. Upon completion of the exam, your score will be reported to the instructor proctoring the exam. Certificates will be issued to students with a score of 80% or higher.

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  • Teachers

    Once you receive your authorization code, you should register the class you will be testing. Certificates will be sent to the address you provide here. You may then log in to start the exam and end the exam. Scores will be reported after the exam has ended and closed out.

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  • Get Your Class Certified

    If you would like to offer your students the opportunity to become certified in website design, then please contact us and let give us a little information about your school, the number of students to test, and the curriculum used in your course for proctor approval and pricing information.

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Web Design Certification